Dev Tools

Getting Started

Read 'Programming Bitcoin' by Jimmy Song (Hardcopy | GitHub).

Backend Tools

Toolkit for tinkering with scripts, TXs, & addresses
Detailed live Bitcoin stats
Explore raw tx data
Scala Bitcoin library
Rust Bitcoin tools and libraries
Spring Boot Starter for Bitcoin [Experimental]
Open source mining software
Web wallet to learn
API server
End-to-end Bitcoin Wallet backing server
Bitcoin lib for Python3 or MicroPython
Create Bitcoin tx's to learn
Simple web dashboard for LND
Lightning Network channel management
Bitcoin transaction broadcasting
Easy Launch Core & LND
Python Bitcoin Library
Interract with LN node via browser

Learning Resources

Tutorials for aspiring Bitcoin devs
Extensive guide to Bitcoin Javascript
Learn about Bitcoin Script (GitHub)
Learning Bitcoin from the command line
Information / Resources
How Bitcoin works - high level (Hardcopy | GitHub)
How Bitcoin works - technical level (Hardcopy | GitHub)
Guide to Bitcoin in C#
Learn about Bitcoin script (GitHub)


Blockchain satellite service