Getting Started

  • For a non-technical intro read 'The Bitcoin Standard' by Saifedean Ammous (Amazon)
  • For a technical intro read 'Grokking Bitcoin' by Kalle Rosenbaum (Manning Books | GitHub)
  • For further technical info read 'Programming Bitcoin' by Jimmy Song (Amazon | GitHub)
Purchase Links
21 Lessons
Superb Bitcoin lessons
Bitcoin and Lightning Network on Raspberry Pi
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Bitcoin story book for kids
Bitcoin 199 Questions
Very concise answers to 199 bitcoin questions
Bitcoin from theory to practice
Step by step bitcoin explainer with code tutorials
Bullish Case for Bitcoin
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Fundamental Principles of Bitcoin
Grokking Bitcoin
Illustrated Bitcoin Explainer
Inventing Bitcoin
Beginner's intro to bitcoin.
Mastering Bitcoin
Technical guide to bitcoin.
Mastering the Lightning Network
Technical guide to lightning.
Q/A About Bitcoin
Common questions and answers
Sovereignty Through Mathematics
Properties of Bitcoin
The Bitcoin Standard
Essential reading
The Little Bitcoin Book
Intro to Bitcoin
Why Buy Bitcoin: Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow
Bitcoin and economics
ビットコイン・スタンダード : お金が変わると世界が変わる
Japanese translation of The Bitcoin Standard