What is this place?

This website is a vast collection of links to bitcoin only resources (think websites, software, videos etc that are focused on bitcoin). Content is grouped into sections which you can quickly get back to by pressing the Main Menu button at the bottom of each page.

Who made this?

My name is (@6102bitcoin), I'm a pseudonymous bitcoin user and educator doing what I can to accelerate bitcoin understanding. I have done my best to ensure that this site only links to high quality resources, but in the words of Matt Odell - 'I'm merely a tool in your own quest for knowledge. My aim is to help you but I demand you do your own due diligence.'

How do I use this site?

1. I recommend that you bookmark the site and check back in regularly! There is a huge amount of content to explore, so take your time.

2. Read 'What is Bitcoin' - A simple 5-10 minute read which introduces you to bitcoin in a clear, accurate and non-technical way.

3. Have a quick play with using bitcoin;

3.1 Visit the Wallets section, pick a wallet for your device.

3.2 Visit the Get-Bitcoin section, get some bitcoin (BTC) and send it to your wallet.

3.3 Visit the Spend-Bitcoin section, spend some bitcoin on something to see how easy it is.

4. Get Exploring. Have a look around and reach out to me on twitter (@6102bitcoin) if you have any questions.

(This guide will be extended soon)

What's a good bitcoin setup?

See my Bitcoin Guide for my suggested setup.


These hardware projects explicitly state that they support bitcoin only.

Full Node

nodlPlug and Play
DojoPlug and Play (Not Yet Available)
Raspibolt / RaspiblitzDIY using Raspberry Pi
ThundroidDIY using Odroid HC2
Your Old PCNode Launcher or Bitcoin Core - Guide
Casa NodePlug and Play

Other Hardware

revealerOptical Seed Encryption Tool
ColdCard *Hardware Wallet (Electrum | Wasabi)
Opendime *Bitcoin Bearer Bond
BitpiggysPiggybank + Opendime

* Currently only Bitcoin versions exist. NVK says this will probably always be the case.


These wallets have explicitly stated that they support bitcoin only .

It is very important that you learn how to store your mnemonic seed. Read this FAQ document before backing up your wallet.


Bitcoin CoreFull node & Bitcoin wallet.Desktop
Samourai WalletThe most feature rich and advanced bitcoin wallet available on Android today.Android
Wasabi Wallet Privacy focused Bitcoin wallet, that implements trustless coin shufflingDesktop
ElectrumThe most feature rich bitcoin desktop wallet available today. Desktop & Android
Blockstream GreenEasy to use wallet. Use Google Authentication not Email/Phone.iOS & Android
GreenAddressDesktop companion to Blockstream Green mobile wallet.Deskop
Muun WalletRelatively new wallet with novel multi-sig 2-of-2 spending. Android
Hodl WalletRelatively new wallet with simple UI.iOS & Android
ArmoryCold Storage & Multisig Desktop
ABCoreBitcoin Core Full Node for AndroidAndroid
Fully Noded (BETA)Bitcoin Core GUI for iOS deviceiOS
Casa KeymasterMultisig Bitcoin [see Google Drive note below]iOS & Android


BLWA standalone SPV Bitcoin node with a fully functional built-in Lightning node.Android
JouleLightning as Website Plugin (Connect to own node)Desktop
RTLAn easy to use interface for LNDDesktop
EclairLightning Node SoftwareDesktop
c-lightningLightning Network Node Desktop
Eclair MobileLightning-ready Bitcoin walletAndroid
ZeusMobile app for LND usersiOS & Android
BreezMobile Non-Custodial Wallet [see Google Drive note below]Android (Beta)

[Note: Google Drive] : Google Drive backups on Breeze & Casa Keymaster allows those companies to access your email address, name and google profile picture. Strongly recommend using a separate google account to use these apps.


Blue WalletBitcoin & Lightning wallet [1]iOS & Android
Wallet of SatoshiLightning only wallet [2]iOS & Android
Tippin.meLightning Social Tipping [3]Web
OpennodeAccept Bitcoin & Lightning payments [4]Web
Bottle.liLightning Social Tipping [5]Web

[1] : Blue Wallet's Lightning is Custodial by Default but users can opt to connect their app to their own Lightning Node using LNDhub. The On-Chain functionality is non-custodial.

[2] : Wallet of Satoshi is fully custodial meaning you do not have your private keys, thus you are not guaranteed full control of your funds.

[3] : is fully custodial meaning you do not have your private keys, thus you are not guaranteed full control of your funds.

[4] : Opennode is fully custodial meaning you do not have your private keys, thus you are not guaranteed full control of your funds. You can (and should) set reoccurring withdrawals to send any bitcoin you receive to your own wallet.

[5] : is fully custodial meaning you do not have your private keys, thus you are not guaranteed full control of your funds

Advanced Users

Dev Tools

Backend Tools

Python Bitcoinlib Python Bitcoin Library
WebLNInterract with LN node via browser
CypherNode API Server
Node LauncherEasy Launch Core & LND
Ride The LightningAn easy to use interface for LND
lndash Simple web dashboard for LND
Bitcoin Optec DashboardDetailed Live Bitcoin Stats
Braiins OSOpensource Mining Software
Mule ToolsBitcoin transaction broadcasting
LNtopLightning Network channel management

LEARNING resources

Bitcoin Dev NetworkTutorials for aspiring Bitcoin Dev's
Lightning HoodInformation / Resources
BitcoinJS & Core CLIExtensive guide to Bitcoin Javascript
Programming the Blockchain in C#Guide to Bitcoin in C#
Mastering BitcoinHow Bitcoin works - high level (Hardcopy | GitHub)
Programming BitcoinHow Bitcoin works - technical level (Hardcopy | GitHub)
Command Line BitcoinLearning Bitcoin From The Command Line
Script ExplorerLearn about Bitcoin Script (GitHub)
Bitcoin ReaderLearn about Bitcoin Script (GitHub)


Blockstream SatelliteBlockchain satellite service
8333.ioTrustless Bitcoin Service Provider


These periodicals explicitly cover bitcoin only.

The Bitcoin TimesA Beautiful, Informative and Stylish Publication released 2-3 times per year.


These books explicitly cover bitcoin only.

The Bitcoin Standard (Hardcopy)Essential reading.Saifedean Ammous
Inventing Bitcoin (Kindle / PDF) Beginner's intro to bitcoin.Yan Pritzker
Bitcoin Money (Direct , Amazon)Bitcoin Story Book for KidsMichael Caras
Grokking Bitcoin (Direct)Illustrated Bitcoin ExplainerKalle Rosenbaum

More technical resources can be found in dev-tools.


These classes explicitly cover bitcoin only.

Learn Me A Bitcoin1-day Workshop
Bitcoin Studio1-day Workshops
Smart Custody1-day Workshop
Programming Blockchain2-day Seminar
Programming With Bitcoin2-day Workshop
21 Lectures (Beginner)2-day Course (In development)
21 Lectures (Advanced)4-day Course
Teach Bitcoin4-week Course (10h/week) online
Buidl Bootcamp6-week Course (20h/week) online


These websites explicitly cover bitcoin only.

Learn Me A BitcoinBitcoin Explained
Bitcoin.orgBitcoin information
Nakamoto InstituteEverything Satoshi
Hungry HodlerInformative Bitcoin Evangelizing
Crypto WordsJournal of Bitcoin commentary
Bitcoin SlidesComprehensive Slides
Bitcoin DesignedStriking Bitcoin Infographics
Towards LibertyOpen Source Bitcoin Archive
Bitcoin Rabbit HoleIndex of Bitcoin Content
BitKnowQuality Bitcoin Blog
L2B GlobalBlog from an OTC desk
10hoursofbitcoinLinks to 10h of Bitcoin Lessons
21lessonsSuperb Bitcoin Lessons (Audio 1|2|3)
Why Hold BitcoinReviews, Guides & Resources
VeriphiBitcoin Tech Explained
Chaincode Study GroupsBitcoin & Lightning study guides
Background ReadingUnderstanding the technical side of bitcoin

Advanced Reading

Schnorr / MuSigMax's Cliffnotes
Shamir Secret SharingMax's Cliffnotes
Bitcoin QuestionsTechnical Bitcoin questions
Lightning SummaryLightning network deep-dive

Must Watch Videos

The Bitcoin StandardSaifedean Ammous on hard money
Why Bitcoin MattersAleks Svetski on the future of money
Bitcoin GenesisMax Keiser on the origins of bitcoin

Video Channels


402PaymentRequiredStep by step Bitcoin software tutorials.
Wasabi SeriesMax Hillebrand's Wasabi Wallet Guide
KIS BitcoinKeep It Simple - Practical Guides

Other Informative

Hungry Hodler Engaging, Informative Bitcoin Videos
Justin MoonInterviews & Presentations
Learn Me A Bitcoin4 Superb Explainer Videos
Bolt-A-Thon9 Superb Presentations + Hackathon
Advancing Bitcoin11 Superb Presentations *

* Skip 'The Difficulties in ...' & 'Bitcoin Engineering ...' (poor audio)


Bull BitcoinFrancis Pouliot & Bull Bitcoin Promo
AmberAleks Svetski & Amber Promo



These podcasts explicitly cover bitcoin only.

Stephan LiveraBitcoin and Austrian Economics
Bitcoin Echo ChamberInterviews with Bitcoiners
Bitcoin MattersConversations with @Beautyon_
TFTC21Tales from the crypt
Bottomshelf BitcoinPutting Bitcoin within everyone's reach
BlockdigestCasual bitcoin news podcast
Citizen BitcoinInterviews with Bitcoiners
NodedMichael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard
Reckless ReviewLawrence Nahum & Udi Wertheimer
Bitcoin KnowledgeInterviews by Trace Mayer
CryptoconomyNarrations of the best bitcoin articles



These explorers support bitcoin only.

OXTAdvanced Blockchain Explorer
Blockstream.infoSimple Blockchain Explorer
BTC RPCOpensource Bitcoin Explorer

Fees / Mempool

What The FeeSimple Fee Estimation
Bitcoiner LiveSimple Fee Estimation
Mempool.SpaceMempool / Block Visualisation & Fee Charts
Mempool.ObserverMempool / Block Visualisation & Fee Charts
bitcoinrainMempool Visualisation
BTC moeMempool Visualisation

Get Bitcoin

You can get bitcoin using these services.


TallyCoin [*]Bitcoin Fundraising
jfgi [*]Bitcoin Fundraising

[*] : Tallycoin & jfgi could at any time swap out your donation address for their own.


LolliBitcoin Cashback


You can buy a fraction of a bitcoin, so don't let a high price per bitcoin put you off. Many people are #stackingsats (regularly spending a fixed $ amount on buying bitcoin, also known as Dollar Cost Averaging), you can see that this method has historically been a good way of accumulating bitcoin by looking at

FastBitcoinsBuy and Sell BitcoinCanada & UK
Cash AppBuy bitcoin with debit cardUSA
BullBitcoinNon-Custodial Bitcoin ServicesCanada
BittrRegular Automated BuyingEurope
BitonicBuy and Sell BitcoinNetherlands
AmberRegular Automated Buying (Beta)Australia
Azte.coThe easiest way to buy bitcoinNot Launched


Long gone are the days that you could mine Bitcoin using common hardware. Bitcoin mining is now dominated by specialist hardware powered by low cost electricity. This video gives a simple overview.

Spend Bitcoin


ByllsPay Bills (Canada)
BullBitcoinNon-Custodial Bitcoin Services
KriptodeLightning Tools
WoleetTimestamping Service
LNsmsSend texts worldwide and pay with Lightning
SpacebitSend messages via satellite
bitscribbleWrite 40 bytes of data to the blockchain

Fun & Play

Koala StudLightning Chess
Satoshis GamesOriginal Lightning Games
Satoshis PlaceLightning Canvas
KriptodeLightning Games
MoneniLightning Games
Satoshis Game Of LifeConway's Game of Life
lngames.netLightning Games

Remember to check that gambling sites are fair, helps check this.


Bitcoin Merit BadgeBitcoin Badges
Bitcoin ShirtBitcoin Merchandise
Layer One BTCBitcoin apparel and more
Wears My LibertyLiberty Shirts, Hats, Hoodies & More
Moneybadger ShopT-shirts, Mugs & More
Bitcoin TunnelsClothing, Mugs & More
Lightning HostedSimple Image Hosting
Start 2 BitcoinFun Bitcoin Info Pack
1.21 JigawattsStamps, Stickers & More
quinsoloCoasters, Magnets & More
Lightning HoodConsultation, T-shirts & More

Remind yourself of the buying power of a Satoshi with cent2sat.

Store Tools

These tools help you accept bitcoin only.

opennodePayments Processor *
BullBitcoinNon-Custodial Bitcoin Services
chainsidePayments Processor
paid.coSell things for Bitcoin (uses OpenNode) *

[*] : Opennode is fully custodial meaning you do not have your private keys, thus you are not guaranteed full control of your funds. You can (and should) set reoccurring withdrawals to send any bitcoin you receive to your own wallet.


These conferences are bitcoin only.


BitBlockBoomDallas2019 / Aug / 17-18th
Bitcoin IsLos Angeles2019 / Sept / 1st
Scaling BitcoinTel Aviv2019 / Sept / 11-12th
Baltic HoneybadgerRiga, Latvia2019 / Sept / 14-15th
Portland Bitcoin ConfPortland, USA2019 / Q2 / TBA
Money BadgerSouthern Europe2019 / Q4 / TBA

Looking Back


Preserve your privacy when using bitcoin.

CoinJoin Tools

NameUnique PerksLearn More
Wasabi Wallet Strong network level privacy.Text | Video | Audio
JoinmarketMarket based fee structure.Text | Video | Audio
WhirlpoolAdvanced postmix spending [PUBLIC BETA]Text | Video | Audio



Have any questions? Need some help? Please do get in touch and I'll do my best to help.

@6102bitcoin |


New Project Requirements

For a new project to be listed on bitcoin-only it must simply meet the following two requirements;

1.Support bitcoin.
2.Not Support Altcoins.

we've changed, We are now bitcoin-only!

People make mistakes (such as supporting / promoting altcoins) and my belief is that if a project is now genuinely bitcoin only it is welcome.

That said, if a company previously supported altcoins and then switches to be bitcoin only how do we know that they won't switch back?

It's for this reason that to be listed, companies that switch to being bitcoin only must also meet the following additional requirement;

3. Publicly explain why they became bitcoin only and remove/update any old public information in which altcoins are promoted.

These requirements are a good way to filter out those companies who are actually committed to being bitcoin only vs. those jumping on the bandwagon.

It also serves a secondary purpose - to help educating those users who are not (yet) bitcoin only and begin to counteract the damage caused by previously supporting altcoins.

Note: This is a prerequisite for being evaluated for addition and meeting these requirements does not guarantee you will be added.

Why bitcoin only?

Max Hillebrand made a great video that explains why being bitcoin only makes sense.

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